Thursday, September 18, 2014

IOS8 Upgrade and Photo Uploads

As many IOS8 "Early Adopters" have probably realized by now, Apple has broken the Photo Upload process when using the Safari Browser.  This is happening not only on our website, but every website.

Work arounds are to create a WebAPP for the BBRTS Mobile site.  (See the blog).  Another is to use an UPDATED Version of "Chrome for IOS".

Apple is painfully aware of the issue and there is a lot of discussion on many sites such as StackOverflow, WordPress and other technical sites.

It will probably take an update to IOS to resolve the issue, until then the photo upload process will be disabled if you use the Safari Browser on any IOS8.0 device.

FYI - the Desktop site is not supported on mobile devices.  It may work, it may not.  It is being optimized for Desktop users.

Create IOS WebAPP from BBRTS Mobile Site

To create a "WebAPP" for the BBRTS Mobile site on your home screen, do the following on your iPhone or iPad.  (Note:  iPad users will find the "Add Too" icon in the upper right hand of the screen).
Tap  this symbol

Tap this symbol

Press the Return Key

Start using your BBRTS Mobile WebAPP

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pigmaster gives rare interview to PositiveLite Magazine..

Last week I was flattered that someone wanted to interview me :-)  I got an email this morning that it was posted up.. The interviewer was a great guy as well.  Take a read...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Planned Outage for

GMT 2PM on Tuesday Apr 15.
NYC/Toronto Time:  10AM Tues Apr 15
LA/Vancouver Time:  7AM Tues Apr 15
London UK Time:  3PM Tues Apr 15
Sydney AU Time:  Midnight Tues-Wed Apr 15-16
Tuesday, 2PM-GMT, both the Mobile and Desktop sites will be taken down for about 1 hour to implement new software to do the following:

  • Reduce (and hopefully eliminate) the random logoff on the Desktop site.
  • Implement parallel photo rendering on both Mobile and Desktop sites (subject to your browser's limitations).
  • Position the Desktop site to support newer features currently offered on the Mobile site.
Although we are planning for 1 hour of down time, we don't expect it to be that long.  As soon as we get everything in place we will be back up and running.

BBRTS Support

Friday, April 11, 2014

Heartbleed SSL Issue and BBRTS

Just a heads up for those of you using the HTTPS (Secure) version of the website and using the site to purchase subscriptions.

We were not now, nor have we ever been exposed to the Heartbleed SSL security issue.  We subscribe to all security updates as they become available, but this particular issue did not impact any of our websites or credit card processing services.

We currently score an "A" with SSL Labs.  Most major banks only score "A-" and as of today... the NSA and FDIC both score an "F".  Something to be said about an Adult site having better security than the FDIC, but you would expect nothing less from us.  We take your information and privacy seriously.

If you are concerned about websites you use, you can test them by going to the Qualys SSL Labs testing site:

They are an industry leader in SSL Testing and Security/Penetration Testing for Security.

We have had a couple of reports by members claiming we are not secure.  In every case, the test tool  made an assumption that because we use Apache Web Servers, we were exposed.  According to those simplistic testers... 60% of the web is exposed as Apache Web Servers are the worlds most popular. It is always a good idea to use a reputable source (like SSL Labs) for such issues.

BBRTS Support

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Upload Photos From Mobile

Over the past week we have corrected several issues, we are getting to the bottom of our list here. As we correct things we are getting fewer and fewer bug reports (yay)

Today we added Mobile Photo Uploads!
Now members using new(er) mobile devices that support uploading can manage, upload, move around, and lock your photos! This is a new feature never before on our mobile sites in the past.
We have tested on the following platforms and confirmed they work:
IOS 6 and up can upload
Android 2+ can upload

After logging into the mobil site click preferences on the top and look for the new feature.

The rest is pretty much explanitory ;-)

As always, if you have sent in a bug I'm sure you have seen the speed in which we have corrected it once we pinned it down. So please keep the emails coming. We prefer they be sent to, but if you send them to support they will filter over to the development team.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mobile status so far

Hey members,

Our members are very vocal, over the past week we have identified 2 big issues, applied a new way of viewing members photos and various obscure issues that members have sent in.

 Blackberry 10 members were getting the site but no color and garbled pages. This issue was our most perplexing. Turns out Research in motion didn't recognize our new SSL certificate. Though it is a valid certificate from a trusted authority they have not updated their tables. We nipped that one. Blackberry members need to power the phone off and on and the site should work fine now.

Android 2.2.X Gingerbread members suffered the same fate as the Blackberry members, again, a reboot of the phone fixes this for you.

We are currently working on a new feature to the mobile system, uploading new photos to your profile. This should be up early next week. We have been getting lot's of feedback from members asking for small improvements winch we have added, and bugs that we have quickly addressed. If you have sent in a bug I'm sure you have seen the speed in which we have corrected it once we pinned it down. So please keep the emails coming. We prefer they be sent to, but if you send them to support they will filter over to the development team.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Back, forward, and paging...

We have received quite a few requests to add a back button, especially on the viewing photos page. There is a back button on the page you can click on to take you back to the profile without having to page back to the profile. I have highlighted it in red in this image to point out its location. Also the back button appears on any page you navigate to off the home screen ;-)

Another source of confusion is with members that ask how to delete email in mass or without opening them (kinda mean, but who are we to judge)
When in a mailbox, be it inbox, deleted, saved you can click on the (Clean) button highlited in red here

You will then get a red bar down the side, simply click the items you want gone, then click the exit button on to to exit the clean mode, highlighted below.