Thursday, July 16, 2009

International Mr Leather bans bareback related companies was saddened to receive an email from the coordinators of IML as well. The email basically states that we are no longer welcome to attend future IML events because we allow our members to make a conscious adult decision to do what they wish in the privacy of their own bedroom. It appears to us that the coordinators of IML feel that consenting adults that choose to bareback are no longer welcome to attend future events as well. feels that IML's decision to not allow any company that deals with bareback content to exhibit at future IML events is draconian. During IML 2009, we had over 9,000 of our members move their profiles to Chicago, or post travel ads in Chicago. Our concurrent online members tripled during the entire weekend of IML. It is probably a safe assumption that these numbers represented a hefty chunk of the IML attendees this year. We feel that IML should think twice before they alienate such a large number of their attendees by telling them what is acceptable to do or view in the privacy of their bedroom. We see no difference between IML's announcement and the U.S. Government saying gays must pay taxes but can't marry or enjoy any of the rights associated with marriage. We feel that it is not any of IML's business what people do in the privacy of their own home, what LEGAL material they wish to view or to pass moral judgement on what activities they wish to partake in. If IML does not repeal this decision will consider sending an email to our entire membership asking them to strongly consider not attending the 2010 IML event. We feel that people would be better served by education about the risks associated with barebacking than being told they are not welcome at an event. IML is in a unique position to be a force for good in the gay community, but the decision to ban legal activity that they do not agree with makes them seem like the gay community's moral police, instead. If anything IML should address the rampant and blatant illegal drug use witnessed at IML 2009, to which they seemed to have turned a blind eye.