Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy New Year

With the new year comes new challenges.  We have had quite a few hardware upgrades (and unfortunately issues to go with them) over the last few weeks.  Yesterday we had a hardware hiccup that impacted the SECURE Site, the STORE and Billing.  For the most part, those hardware upgrades are done and we can get back to focusing on features for the site.

One recent change in a feature was the OINK message that was rolled out with the code upgrade in November.  The OINK is now available only on the Profile Page. This was done to encourage people to open a profile before dropping an OINK on someone.  As before, when an OINK is sent, the button will turn from orange to grey and cannot be used again until the OINK is over 30 days old. You may need to clear your cache to get this to function correctly, though.  You can review your OINKS by going to WHO OINKED WHO.  Keep in mind, once you send an OINK, you cannot unsend it.  (Well, you can unsend the email, but the other member still gets the OINK!).

Stay tuned to the blog for more info!