Monday, March 12, 2012

Having Troubles getting to BBRTS.COM?

We have been receiving complaints that the website is directing people to places like "the yellow pages", "women's underwear" and various other places unexpected.  For example:  You enter BBRTS.COM and get sent to someplace totally unexpected.  The crappy part is that most members presume that BBRTS.COM is the problem when in fact the problem exists on the member's own PC or Network.

This happens about every 3 months.  Some clown decides to embed MALWARE into a video or game that is freely available (Torrent Sites or "tube" sites).  The unsuspecting user downloads and installs some hidden software that messes with your PC's Domain Name Services.  The sad thing is that it's a VERY OLD and VERY TIRED hack.  Otherwise known as "The HOST FILE HACK".

Other variations on this are to mess with your PC's DNS Server Addresses or your router's DNS Server Addresses.  If the HOST FILE HACK isn't the problem.. you may need to contact your internet provider to make sure your DNS Settings are correct.  The DNS Settings vary wildly with each service provider.  It may be as simple as rebooting your PC and Router... or may require more help from your internet provider.

When we get this type of heads up from members, we immediately check reputable DNS Servers (like GOOGLE, AT&T, ROGERS, VIRGIN) to verify that our name BBRTS is serving up the correct IP address.  Today is no exception. 

To correct the problem, you should run your VIRUS Protection Software in FULL SCAN mode.  You should also have a good MALWARE/SPYWARE software product installed and run it in FULL SCAN as well.

If you're not able to use either/both of the above solutions, you can try GOOGLING "HOST FILE WINDOWS" and finding an article that is authored by Microsoft on how to correct the problem.

MAC users are not immune to this, either.  Again, GOOGLE "HOST FILE MAC" and look for an article authored by Apple on how to correct the problem.

Keep in mind that in addition to BBRTS' domain name being messed with, GOOGLE may have their URL messed up too by this annoying and childish internet prank.