Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Upload Photos From Mobile

Over the past week we have corrected several issues, we are getting to the bottom of our list here. As we correct things we are getting fewer and fewer bug reports (yay)

Today we added Mobile Photo Uploads!
Now members using new(er) mobile devices that support uploading can manage, upload, move around, and lock your photos! This is a new feature never before on our mobile sites in the past.
We have tested on the following platforms and confirmed they work:
IOS 6 and up can upload
Android 2+ can upload

After logging into the mobil site click preferences on the top and look for the new feature.

The rest is pretty much explanitory ;-)

As always, if you have sent in a bug I'm sure you have seen the speed in which we have corrected it once we pinned it down. So please keep the emails coming. We prefer they be sent to, but if you send them to support they will filter over to the development team.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mobile status so far

Hey members,

Our members are very vocal, over the past week we have identified 2 big issues, applied a new way of viewing members photos and various obscure issues that members have sent in.

 Blackberry 10 members were getting the site but no color and garbled pages. This issue was our most perplexing. Turns out Research in motion didn't recognize our new SSL certificate. Though it is a valid certificate from a trusted authority they have not updated their tables. We nipped that one. Blackberry members need to power the phone off and on and the site should work fine now.

Android 2.2.X Gingerbread members suffered the same fate as the Blackberry members, again, a reboot of the phone fixes this for you.

We are currently working on a new feature to the mobile system, uploading new photos to your profile. This should be up early next week. We have been getting lot's of feedback from members asking for small improvements winch we have added, and bugs that we have quickly addressed. If you have sent in a bug I'm sure you have seen the speed in which we have corrected it once we pinned it down. So please keep the emails coming. We prefer they be sent to, but if you send them to support they will filter over to the development team.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

New mobile Site.

Hey members,

First, I would like to say thank you to all the members that have sent in email praise about the new mobile site. We strive to give members the innovation they want, along with new features. Typically within minutes of a new launch members are very vocal on whether they hate it or love it. This launch by far is in the love it category.

As with any update to the site we have members that hate it, even if just a couple and this pains us more than you know. In most cases we turn the dis-satisfied to satisfied by simple hand holding through how to use something new.  Pigmaster reads each and every comment that comes even if he does not reply right away and they are all tracked closely.

I'd like to go over some of the comments, and confusion we did get from members and address some of the suggestions we got that we are sure others thought but didn't send in.

We had a few very freaked out members that were confused about the difference between the mobile site and the desktop site. The mobile site is specifically designed for smart phones and touch pads. The desktop site is for use on home computers and they were concerned/confused we are going to shut down the desktop site and go mobile only. WE ARE NOT AT ALL. In the email we said we are shutting down our 7 year old mobile site designed to work on the first generation flip phones that had internet access. We still had 30 members that used it and they were dropping off like fly's as their phones died from old age, but the development time and cost was not something we wanted to invest in for the small number of users still holding on. We have no intention of killing off the desktop site. It is by far our most used interface. We also said new features would be installed in our mobile site FIRST so we could work out the kinks, once we have them perfect we would port them to the desktop site if they passed the test.

Q. Why don't you just make an App and put it in the Apple/Google store.
A. We would love nothing better than to have a native app, it would make our lives a lot easier, however Apple and Google have never allowed hardcore adult content in an app. If we did make an app that conformed to their terms we would have an app with no member photos and profiles that have height weight and pretty much nothing else.

Q. A4A, Grinder, Scruff and Manhunt have an app , you don't know what your talking about, they do allow adult content.
A. Yes they do have apps, and no, you will never see a penis or any other private part displayed. They are heavily censored. This much censoring on our website would kinda make it pointless. If we did make an app you would log in and the site would resemble a Roswell New Mexico alien crash document released by the government.

Q. "Who viewed me" is broken/missing on the new mobile site.
A. No, no it is not. On our old mobile and on the desktop site the who viewed me was a basic page that just showed who viewed your profile in the last 7 days. On the new mobile we changed it to "View Profile Info" because it is now much more than who viewed you. Because of the new functionality the Desktop site view and the mobile view sections do not share data. This will be ported over after we get it perfected.

Q. You are forcing mobile devices to use the new mobile version.
A. Yes, we are. But we are not doing this just to be mean and piss people off. We have spent more time playing whack-a-mole getting the desktop site to work on tablets in turn breaking desktop users. We want members to use the proper site intended for the device they are on. When I explain this I get back a reply "but it just does not work" with no further explanation. Well I cant fix something if no one tells me its broken ;-)

Q. The thumb nails are so small, I cant see them.
A. We are monitoring the comments on this still. However, the thumbs are actually the same size they have always been, they just don't have the huge box around them. Pigmaster's view on this is also one to benefit members. If the thumbs were too big but they don't do justice people will pass you by, his intent is to have members look at the full profile and photos then decide if you want to contact them. Men are visual, give them a teaser that sparks question and they will look thus giving you more viability.