Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mobile status so far

Hey members,

Our members are very vocal, over the past week we have identified 2 big issues, applied a new way of viewing members photos and various obscure issues that members have sent in.

 Blackberry 10 members were getting the site but no color and garbled pages. This issue was our most perplexing. Turns out Research in motion didn't recognize our new SSL certificate. Though it is a valid certificate from a trusted authority they have not updated their tables. We nipped that one. Blackberry members need to power the phone off and on and the site should work fine now.

Android 2.2.X Gingerbread members suffered the same fate as the Blackberry members, again, a reboot of the phone fixes this for you.

We are currently working on a new feature to the mobile system, uploading new photos to your profile. This should be up early next week. We have been getting lot's of feedback from members asking for small improvements winch we have added, and bugs that we have quickly addressed. If you have sent in a bug I'm sure you have seen the speed in which we have corrected it once we pinned it down. So please keep the emails coming. We prefer they be sent to, but if you send them to support they will filter over to the development team.