Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Upload Photos From Mobile

Over the past week we have corrected several issues, we are getting to the bottom of our list here. As we correct things we are getting fewer and fewer bug reports (yay)

Today we added Mobile Photo Uploads!
Now members using new(er) mobile devices that support uploading can manage, upload, move around, and lock your photos! This is a new feature never before on our mobile sites in the past.
We have tested on the following platforms and confirmed they work:
IOS 6 and up can upload
Android 2+ can upload

After logging into the mobil site click preferences on the top and look for the new feature.

The rest is pretty much explanitory ;-)

As always, if you have sent in a bug I'm sure you have seen the speed in which we have corrected it once we pinned it down. So please keep the emails coming. We prefer they be sent to, but if you send them to support they will filter over to the development team.