Monday, April 14, 2014

Planned Outage for

GMT 2PM on Tuesday Apr 15.
NYC/Toronto Time:  10AM Tues Apr 15
LA/Vancouver Time:  7AM Tues Apr 15
London UK Time:  3PM Tues Apr 15
Sydney AU Time:  Midnight Tues-Wed Apr 15-16
Tuesday, 2PM-GMT, both the Mobile and Desktop sites will be taken down for about 1 hour to implement new software to do the following:

  • Reduce (and hopefully eliminate) the random logoff on the Desktop site.
  • Implement parallel photo rendering on both Mobile and Desktop sites (subject to your browser's limitations).
  • Position the Desktop site to support newer features currently offered on the Mobile site.
Although we are planning for 1 hour of down time, we don't expect it to be that long.  As soon as we get everything in place we will be back up and running.

BBRTS Support