Tuesday, February 9, 2016

iOS 9.3 Beta Testers

FYI - This morning Apple release iOS 9.3 Beta 3 that addresses issues with the BBRTS Mobile Website.

Please update the Beta 3 release ASAP to receive the fixes from Apple.  For this release you will need to update the Profile first... then you can upgrade to the Beta 3 release.

Thanks to everyone for your patience is waiting until Apple could address this serious issue.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

IOS8 Upgrade and Photo Uploads

As many IOS8 "Early Adopters" have probably realized by now, Apple has broken the Photo Upload process when using the Safari Browser.  This is happening not only on our website, but every website.

Work arounds are to create a WebAPP for the BBRTS Mobile site.  (See the blog).  Another is to use an UPDATED Version of "Chrome for IOS".

Apple is painfully aware of the issue and there is a lot of discussion on many sites such as StackOverflow, WordPress and other technical sites.

It will probably take an update to IOS to resolve the issue, until then the photo upload process will be disabled if you use the Safari Browser on any IOS8.0 device.

FYI - the Desktop site is not supported on mobile devices.  It may work, it may not.  It is being optimized for Desktop users.

Create IOS WebAPP from BBRTS Mobile Site

To create a "WebAPP" for the BBRTS Mobile site on your home screen, do the following on your iPhone or iPad.  (Note:  iPad users will find the "Add Too" icon in the upper right hand of the screen).
Tap  this symbol

Tap this symbol

Press the Return Key

Start using your BBRTS Mobile WebAPP

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pigmaster gives rare interview to PositiveLite Magazine..

Last week I was flattered that someone wanted to interview me :-)  I got an email this morning that it was posted up.. The interviewer was a great guy as well.  Take a read...


Monday, April 14, 2014

Planned Outage for BarebackRT.com

GMT 2PM on Tuesday Apr 15.
NYC/Toronto Time:  10AM Tues Apr 15
LA/Vancouver Time:  7AM Tues Apr 15
London UK Time:  3PM Tues Apr 15
Sydney AU Time:  Midnight Tues-Wed Apr 15-16
Tuesday, 2PM-GMT, both the Mobile and Desktop sites will be taken down for about 1 hour to implement new software to do the following:

  • Reduce (and hopefully eliminate) the random logoff on the Desktop site.
  • Implement parallel photo rendering on both Mobile and Desktop sites (subject to your browser's limitations).
  • Position the Desktop site to support newer features currently offered on the Mobile site.
Although we are planning for 1 hour of down time, we don't expect it to be that long.  As soon as we get everything in place we will be back up and running.

BBRTS Support

Friday, April 11, 2014

Heartbleed SSL Issue and BBRTS

Just a heads up for those of you using the HTTPS (Secure) version of the website and using the site to purchase subscriptions.

We were not now, nor have we ever been exposed to the Heartbleed SSL security issue.  We subscribe to all security updates as they become available, but this particular issue did not impact any of our websites or credit card processing services.

We currently score an "A" with SSL Labs.  Most major banks only score "A-" and as of today... the NSA and FDIC both score an "F".  Something to be said about an Adult site having better security than the FDIC, but you would expect nothing less from us.  We take your information and privacy seriously.

If you are concerned about websites you use, you can test them by going to the Qualys SSL Labs testing site:


They are an industry leader in SSL Testing and Security/Penetration Testing for Security.

We have had a couple of reports by members claiming we are not secure.  In every case, the test tool  made an assumption that because we use Apache Web Servers, we were exposed.  According to those simplistic testers... 60% of the web is exposed as Apache Web Servers are the worlds most popular. It is always a good idea to use a reputable source (like SSL Labs) for such issues.

BBRTS Support

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Upload Photos From Mobile

Over the past week we have corrected several issues, we are getting to the bottom of our list here. As we correct things we are getting fewer and fewer bug reports (yay)

Today we added Mobile Photo Uploads!
Now members using new(er) mobile devices that support uploading can manage, upload, move around, and lock your photos! This is a new feature never before on our mobile sites in the past.
We have tested on the following platforms and confirmed they work:
IOS 6 and up can upload
Android 2+ can upload

After logging into the mobil site click preferences on the top and look for the new feature.

The rest is pretty much explanitory ;-)

As always, if you have sent in a bug I'm sure you have seen the speed in which we have corrected it once we pinned it down. So please keep the emails coming. We prefer they be sent to beta@barebackrt.com, but if you send them to support they will filter over to the development team.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mobile status so far

Hey members,

Our members are very vocal, over the past week we have identified 2 big issues, applied a new way of viewing members photos and various obscure issues that members have sent in.

 Blackberry 10 members were getting the site but no color and garbled pages. This issue was our most perplexing. Turns out Research in motion didn't recognize our new SSL certificate. Though it is a valid certificate from a trusted authority they have not updated their tables. We nipped that one. Blackberry members need to power the phone off and on and the site should work fine now.

Android 2.2.X Gingerbread members suffered the same fate as the Blackberry members, again, a reboot of the phone fixes this for you.

We are currently working on a new feature to the mobile system, uploading new photos to your profile. This should be up early next week. We have been getting lot's of feedback from members asking for small improvements winch we have added, and bugs that we have quickly addressed. If you have sent in a bug I'm sure you have seen the speed in which we have corrected it once we pinned it down. So please keep the emails coming. We prefer they be sent to beta@barebackrt.com, but if you send them to support they will filter over to the development team.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

New mobile Site.

Hey members,

First, I would like to say thank you to all the members that have sent in email praise about the new mobile site. We strive to give members the innovation they want, along with new features. Typically within minutes of a new launch members are very vocal on whether they hate it or love it. This launch by far is in the love it category.

As with any update to the site we have members that hate it, even if just a couple and this pains us more than you know. In most cases we turn the dis-satisfied to satisfied by simple hand holding through how to use something new.  Pigmaster reads each and every comment that comes even if he does not reply right away and they are all tracked closely.

I'd like to go over some of the comments, and confusion we did get from members and address some of the suggestions we got that we are sure others thought but didn't send in.

We had a few very freaked out members that were confused about the difference between the mobile site and the desktop site. The mobile site is specifically designed for smart phones and touch pads. The desktop site is for use on home computers and they were concerned/confused we are going to shut down the desktop site and go mobile only. WE ARE NOT AT ALL. In the email we said we are shutting down our 7 year old mobile site designed to work on the first generation flip phones that had internet access. We still had 30 members that used it and they were dropping off like fly's as their phones died from old age, but the development time and cost was not something we wanted to invest in for the small number of users still holding on. We have no intention of killing off the desktop site. It is by far our most used interface. We also said new features would be installed in our mobile site FIRST so we could work out the kinks, once we have them perfect we would port them to the desktop site if they passed the test.

Q. Why don't you just make an App and put it in the Apple/Google store.
A. We would love nothing better than to have a native app, it would make our lives a lot easier, however Apple and Google have never allowed hardcore adult content in an app. If we did make an app that conformed to their terms we would have an app with no member photos and profiles that have height weight and pretty much nothing else.

Q. A4A, Grinder, Scruff and Manhunt have an app , you don't know what your talking about, they do allow adult content.
A. Yes they do have apps, and no, you will never see a penis or any other private part displayed. They are heavily censored. This much censoring on our website would kinda make it pointless. If we did make an app you would log in and the site would resemble a Roswell New Mexico alien crash document released by the government.

Q. "Who viewed me" is broken/missing on the new mobile site.
A. No, no it is not. On our old mobile and on the desktop site the who viewed me was a basic page that just showed who viewed your profile in the last 7 days. On the new mobile we changed it to "View Profile Info" because it is now much more than who viewed you. Because of the new functionality the Desktop site view and the mobile view sections do not share data. This will be ported over after we get it perfected.

Q. You are forcing mobile devices to use the new mobile version.
A. Yes, we are. But we are not doing this just to be mean and piss people off. We have spent more time playing whack-a-mole getting the desktop site to work on tablets in turn breaking desktop users. We want members to use the proper site intended for the device they are on. When I explain this I get back a reply "but it just does not work" with no further explanation. Well I cant fix something if no one tells me its broken ;-)

Q. The thumb nails are so small, I cant see them.
A. We are monitoring the comments on this still. However, the thumbs are actually the same size they have always been, they just don't have the huge box around them. Pigmaster's view on this is also one to benefit members. If the thumbs were too big but they don't do justice people will pass you by, his intent is to have members look at the full profile and photos then decide if you want to contact them. Men are visual, give them a teaser that sparks question and they will look thus giving you more viability.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

FYI: New UK Phone Number

We have FINALLY obtained a non-SKYPE phone number in the UK.

The new number for UK Support Calls is:  +44 20 7147 4227

The new number replaces the old number (don't bother calling the old number as it is no longer in service).

BBRTS Support

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update:  Redirection issues with the site.

Thanks to all the members that have contacted us.  After a lot of feed back it appears the issue is related to a mangled DNS entry that is working it's way through the web.

Again,  I must reiterate that there is nothing wrong with the site.

At this time it appears there is a DNS spoof going about which is causing the problem our members are experiencing.  What basically has happened is a hacker has sent out bad information at the network level claiming to be the start of authority for our domain name records (essentially like sending out fake phone books where they’ve given random phone numbers to businesses they don’t like.)

 Since our own servers send out the correct information if asked, the easiest way to clear the problem is usually to reboot your Internet modem, computer and router (if you have one), since they typically have a DNS entry.

To do this on the router and modem simply unplug them both at the same time for about 15 seconds, and then plug them back in. This will force your modem and/or router to re-ask for the correct information.

The larger issue is that a fake DNS record can take up to 72 hours to clear out of all the networks and providers, as some Internet providers have a cache on their end which can cause the bad information to linger and be sent out again, meaning if rebooting your modem and router works, they could get bad data again for the next couple of days and need to be rebooted again.

The better news is that our mobile sites,i.bbrts.com and bbrts.mobi are unaffected so far.  Feel free to use them as needed. These can be accessed from a computer as well as tablets and phones.

Once again, this is an issue with your network provider's information.  Until they get it squared away there is nothing we can do. This is a hit and miss problem depending on your the server you are being routed to.

More as information becomes available...


Monday, March 12, 2012

Having Troubles getting to BBRTS.COM?

We have been receiving complaints that the website is directing people to places like "the yellow pages", "women's underwear" and various other places unexpected.  For example:  You enter BBRTS.COM and get sent to someplace totally unexpected.  The crappy part is that most members presume that BBRTS.COM is the problem when in fact the problem exists on the member's own PC or Network.

This happens about every 3 months.  Some clown decides to embed MALWARE into a video or game that is freely available (Torrent Sites or "tube" sites).  The unsuspecting user downloads and installs some hidden software that messes with your PC's Domain Name Services.  The sad thing is that it's a VERY OLD and VERY TIRED hack.  Otherwise known as "The HOST FILE HACK".

Other variations on this are to mess with your PC's DNS Server Addresses or your router's DNS Server Addresses.  If the HOST FILE HACK isn't the problem.. you may need to contact your internet provider to make sure your DNS Settings are correct.  The DNS Settings vary wildly with each service provider.  It may be as simple as rebooting your PC and Router... or may require more help from your internet provider.

When we get this type of heads up from members, we immediately check reputable DNS Servers (like GOOGLE, AT&T, ROGERS, VIRGIN) to verify that our name BBRTS is serving up the correct IP address.  Today is no exception. 

To correct the problem, you should run your VIRUS Protection Software in FULL SCAN mode.  You should also have a good MALWARE/SPYWARE software product installed and run it in FULL SCAN as well.

If you're not able to use either/both of the above solutions, you can try GOOGLING "HOST FILE WINDOWS" and finding an article that is authored by Microsoft on how to correct the problem.

MAC users are not immune to this, either.  Again, GOOGLE "HOST FILE MAC" and look for an article authored by Apple on how to correct the problem.

Keep in mind that in addition to BBRTS' domain name being messed with, GOOGLE may have their URL messed up too by this annoying and childish internet prank.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Oink Oink ... I'm just not hearing it

If your Email Alert "OINK Sounds" are not working:

1.  Clear your Browser Cache  (if you need to know how, click here!)
2.  Make sure the "Email Sound Alert" is ON.
3.  Make sure your sound is turned ON/UP.  (Hopefully you have speakers and they are plugged in).
4.  Read the following if you are using any of the following browsers:

  • AOL - Upgrade to a real browser.  We do not support AOL at all.  If it works, that's amazing.
  • Internet Explorer V8 and below.  Install or Update FLASH PLAYER to a supported version (see below.
  • Safari V4 and below. Install or Update FLASH PLAYER to a supported version (see below).
  • Firefox V8 and below.  Install or Update FLASH PLAYER to a supported version (see below).
  • Chrome V15 and below.  Apply Chrome Maintenance to upgrade to a HTML5 supported version. If you cannot upgrade Chrome for some reason, follow the FLASH instructions below
  • Opera V10 and below.  Apply Opera Maintenance to go upgrade to a HTML5 supported supported version.  If you cannot upgrade Opera for some reason, follow the FLASH instructions below.
This is necessary because Java Sound Events that produce the OINK sounds have taken on a life of their own.   With the advancement of HTML5 in new browsers (Firefox V9, Safari V5, Internet Explorer V9, Opera V11 and Chrome V16, the older releases of browsers have been kicked to the curb.

As a result, EVERYONE not running a current browser (one of the above listed versions) must now install and keep up to date FLASH Player from Adobe. 

This is especially true for Internet Explorer users stuck on Windows XP because Microsoft offers no option for WinXP users to upgrade to IE9 (WinXP users can always go to Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome.. but that is for another day).

If you not sure if you have FLASH PLAYER installed, goto:


You can verify the installed version of FLASH and upgrade to a supported release if necessary.

Keeping FLASH Player current if you must use an older browser is important.

Hopefully buy following these suggestions, you can resolve 99% of the Email Alert "OINK Sound" issues you may be having.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oink Oink!!

If you have the "Email Sound Alert" turned on, you will hear an "Oink Oink" whenever you receive new mail. Recent updates to the Chrome and Opera browsers broke this feature. What we found is that these browsers have stopped building in support for Flash. This seems to be the way that the industry is headed, so we needed to find an alternative.
We've just made a change to the site that should have this fixed. The oink sound is now played using HTML5, with the ability to play sound using flash on older browsers that don't support HTML5 yet.

Please let us know if you run across any odd behavior with the "Oink" alerts.


Happy New Year

With the new year comes new challenges.  We have had quite a few hardware upgrades (and unfortunately issues to go with them) over the last few weeks.  Yesterday we had a hardware hiccup that impacted the SECURE Site, the STORE and Billing.  For the most part, those hardware upgrades are done and we can get back to focusing on features for the site.

One recent change in a feature was the OINK message that was rolled out with the code upgrade in November.  The OINK is now available only on the Profile Page. This was done to encourage people to open a profile before dropping an OINK on someone.  As before, when an OINK is sent, the button will turn from orange to grey and cannot be used again until the OINK is over 30 days old. You may need to clear your cache to get this to function correctly, though.  You can review your OINKS by going to WHO OINKED WHO.  Keep in mind, once you send an OINK, you cannot unsend it.  (Well, you can unsend the email, but the other member still gets the OINK!).

Stay tuned to the blog for more info!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sad news.

I just wanted to let you all know that Jeff "Dyson", one of our first employees died last Sunday night. Jeff, at an early age had cancer which effected his thyroid, he then dealt with lymphedema that forced him to live most of his life in a nursing home.

Jeff was one of our first members back in July of 2007. He was very excited about our web site and volunteered to help as a moderator. When the site took off and we needed people to answer support questions, Jeff was there to help.

We eventually reached the point where we needed people to answer the phones and member email full time, and Jeff was hired to help. I recall him telling me on more than one occasion that this was his first "real" job. Jeff had lived in a nursing home since he was in his teens, and was unable to work in a normal job that required him to travel to a workplace. We were able to provide him the opportunity to work from where he was, and he was a great addition to the Wet-Media team.

Jeff will be missed.

Jeff's memorial service will be Saturday, February 5th, at 2 p.m. in the afternoon at Shepard's Funeral Home on Church St. in Hendersonville, NC. His family will have a celebration of his life with pictures of him on display.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

International Mr Leather bans bareback related companies

BarebackRT.com was saddened to receive an email from the coordinators of IML as well. The email basically states that we are no longer welcome to attend future IML events because we allow our members to make a conscious adult decision to do what they wish in the privacy of their own bedroom. It appears to us that the coordinators of IML feel that consenting adults that choose to bareback are no longer welcome to attend future events as well.

BarebackRT.com feels that IML's decision to not allow any company that deals with bareback content to exhibit at future IML events is draconian. During IML 2009, we had over 9,000 of our members move their profiles to Chicago, or post travel ads in Chicago. Our concurrent online members tripled during the entire weekend of IML. It is probably a safe assumption that these numbers represented a hefty chunk of the IML attendees this year. We feel that IML should think twice before they alienate such a large number of their attendees by telling them what is acceptable to do or view in the privacy of their bedroom. We see no difference between IML's announcement and the U.S. Government saying gays must pay taxes but can't marry or enjoy any of the rights associated with marriage. We feel that it is not any of IML's business what people do in the privacy of their own home, what LEGAL material they wish to view or to pass moral judgement on what activities they wish to partake in. If IML does not repeal this decision BarebackRT.com will consider sending an email to our entire membership asking them to strongly consider not attending the 2010 IML event. We feel that people would be better served by education about the risks associated with barebacking than being told they are not welcome at an event. IML is in a unique position to be a force for good in the gay community, but the decision to ban legal activity that they do not agree with makes them seem like the gay community's moral police, instead. If anything IML should address the rampant and blatant illegal drug use witnessed at IML 2009, to which they seemed to have turned a blind eye.